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Welcome if you would like to feel the fullness of life in every part of your being!

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Dance of the Heart – Prayer in movement is celebrating 9th birthday!


Dance of the Heart – Prayer in Movement

2Dance of the Heart – Prayer in Movement is a free-form dance in a deep energy field which offers a safe and loving space for you to move. It’s a conscious dance of your  divine love, integrity and grace. It guides you to a deep space of your Soul where you can feel and see your deepest gifts that you came to share with the world.

It encourages you to find your own inner truth, to find your own steps – both in dance and in life. This steps of your own inner truth are your guides through deep transformational healing, leading you to your next journeys in life. While dancing, you feel support of your ancestors, mother Earth and father Spirit.

We start with meditation, invocations or other techniques that open our channels of divine love and healing energy of our higher self. When we move, we open up to our life force energy that dwells inside our body. We wake it up and wake ourselves up to the pure ecstasy of living. In doing so, we can easily connect with our Hearts and other dancers.

When our Heart opens, we listen to the subtle energies of our Inner child and we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Deep healing and transformation can occur, and we simply know how to dance and what to do later in our lives and how to make better decisions in life.

_MG_3481The intention of Prayer in Movement is to become more aware and conscious of your body and your energy so that you can safely open up to your inner love, which brings healing, wisdom and joy to your life. The process is supported by all sorts of music, you can fully dance out all of the old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you, and you can release all the stuck energies that are not in the highest good for you. Through dance, you get into a state of emptiness when you’re being danced in a space of freedom and love.

After the workshop, you feel connected to yourself, empowered, full of energy and love for yourself and others. The inner guiding wisdom that is revealed in you will lead you to a more fulfilling and loving life.

All you need is an open mind and heart seeking new experiences and joy!

‘The journey begins with rhythm. Music, dance, rhythm, ritual gets us beyond little local consciousness. Rhythm sets up another rhythm in the brain, sets up another rhythm in the body. Change the music and you can change the mind. Change the music, change the rhythm and already consciousness goes into another level, another possibility.’ Jane Houston, Dances of Ecstasy

If you would like to organize a workshop or know more about the Prayer in movement, please send me an email: leja@plessrca.si

Experiences of the dancers:

»Old poem of mine, but appropriate for how I feel after today’s dance with Leja … She is such a wonderful teacher, gentle, subtle and wild.

Even the confused thoughts
glow with delight.

I rest in the brilliance
of my own heart.«

Robert, Ljubljana, Slovenia


»Dance, music and song have always been such a significant part of my life, but over the last 5 years, life circumstances just seemed to get in the way. When I heard about Leja’s ‘healing through dance’ class, I literally jumped at the chance! Leja created an inviting and safe atmosphere with a fantastic mix of music that awakened every space in my mind and body. Without effort, I felt that I was able to let go of the toxic energy I had been accumulating, making space for more positive and loving energy.  I literally danced my butt off for a full 90 minutes and I experienced multiple waves of goose bumps.  It was the best fun I’d had in years and it brought tears to my eyes.  I love you Leja and thanks for being there. «   Kellie Carroll, Sydney, Australia

I have danced through many dancing techniques until I really heard my body guiding me to my own Inner dance, which every time gets inspired by the Heart. I’m sharing this experience with you so that you could also feel the infinite freedom of movement. The most beautiful thing for me is when we come together and share a dance within a healing space while listening to the rhythms of our Hearts.

Leja BenedičičLeja (pronounced as Leia) Benedicic is a Slovenian healing dance facilitator who comes from a family line of dancers and musicians. Leja has a background in contemporary, African, oriental dance, flamenco and different types of conscious dance (5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine, Trance dance, Dance therapy, Kundalini dance …). She has experienced dance and healing throughout the world (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and South America). The most important thing for her is when people come together and share dancing within a healing space.


A workshop last from 3 hours up to couple of days
Contact – email: leja@plessrca.si,
Facebook: Prayer in Movement (Ples Srca – Prayer in Movement),

mobile: 00 386 41 359 415,
Skype: Leja Benedicic

Therapies in the space of the Heart

daisy-heart-flowers-flower-heart-largeTherapies in the space of the Heart are aimed at those who would like to feel and live fully in their own inner power and who wish and dare to hear and follow their own Heart, their deep intuition. It’s only when you stand firmly on the ground that you feel it is safe enough to open up your Heart. This is the time for the healing and transformation to begin, and the time to finally hear your inner voice of the Heart. In the process, you start recognizing your inner gifts and finding the way to unleash them.

First, I listen to your Heart’s desires and intuitively choose the proper method of therapy, such as mediation, sacred invocation, certain exercises and practices, and energy healing in silence. During my therapies, you begin feeling deep presence of peace and acceptance inside yourself. Your energy vibration level rises and energy blocks are removed. After the therapy, you feel more alive, many medical problems can be resolved, and you can feel deep peace, self-love and love for others. And these are the foundations of balanced and harmonious life.

I especially help women to feel their feminine energy. I help you to connect with Mother Earth and awaken your womb’s fire and love. Only in this way, a woman can realize her full power, her loving soft feminine core. Difficulties with relationships, menstruation, menopause, and other women’s problems become a field of research and inspiration for beauty, joy and passionate and ecstatic life.

I have been learning about energy healing, sacred space and conscious dance all over the world, and have been working in this field since 2010. I attended different schools and courses and I realized that the best teacher and guide is my intuition and my deep love and care for humanity that I hold dearly in my Heart. I’m a passionate seeker for wisdom and secrets of life.

Contact – Leja (pronounced as Leia) Benedicic, email: leja@plessrca.si,
Facebook: Prayer in Movement (Ples Srca – Prayer in Movement),
mobile: 00 386 41 359 415,

Skype: Leja Benedicic